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Have you done your Good Deed for the day?

Here is an eager young Legionnaire ready to do his duty for the Lightning Legion.
Are you ready?

Some people have asked where I got my formal art training, well here it is.

HAVE YOU JOINED THE LIGHTNING LEGION YET?It is as easy as downloading the FREE membership card. You will need Adode Acrobat to view and print your new membership card.

Here is the preview image of Captain Spectre's battle suit as promised on the front page. The full suited up Captain is coming up soon in the strip, so stay tuned Legionnaires for all the excitment.

Have you memorized the Lightning Legion Code of Conduct?

The Conduct Code of the Lightning Legion
I, as a member of the Lightning Legion, swear to:
-Protect the Citizens, Laws, Symbols, and Property
of the United States of America.

-Work with other Legionnaires for a Free, Strong,
and Better tomorrow.

-Treat all Legionnaires, and citizens, as you would
want to be treated.

-Never dishonor your word, or yourself.
-Never reveal the secrets of the Lightning Legion,
or any of it's members, to citizens.

-Strike Evil, Crime and Injustice with Force, Courage,
and lightning.